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Josie Smith

11 June 2024

52m 38s

Ep. 124: The Health Conversation you Can't Ignore as a High Achieving Entrepreneur (with Katy Saltsman)



In today's episode, I am talking with Katy Saltsman. Katy is a nutritionist, personal trainer, speaker, and business mentor on a mission to change the conversation around health, wealth, and happiness for women. She helps women master their hormones, metabolism, and health; and also helps female entrepreneurs master their highest self and wealth. She has helped hundreds of women live their happiest and healthiest lives; she runs a top podcast called Crying Burns Calories, and is the authenticity queen when it comes to running and scaling a business and brand that lights you up.

We talk about everything in this conversation! We talk about the importance of physical, mental, and emotional health as entrepreneurs, and how our health impacts our ability to be effective business owners. We talk about important health habits to implement as high achieving, goal focused, driven women and business owners. We discuss weight loss, balancing hormones, gut health, nutrition hacks, morning and evening routines, and honoring what our bodies need without feeling like we need to simultaneously deprive ourselves of the things that bring us joy.

Katy shares her journey of beginning in nursing school, to transitioning into becoming a hairstylist, to then shifting into the fitness and personal training space - only to find herself discouraged with the "big box gym" mentality and eventually breaking out into building her own personal brand, providing individualized health, fitness, and nutrition coaching to women. As Katy worked with women on their health and fitness journeys, she began to notice a pattern - so many of the women coming to her for health coaching were entrepreneurs and business owners - which led her to finding her unique niche, combining business and health coaching and helping entrepreneurs build personal brands, authentically aligned businesses, and create wealth for themselves and their families; all while honoring themselves, their bodies, their health, and equipping them to design a business and a life that's not only profitable, but that brings them so much joy and fulfillment!


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