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Josie Smith

04 June 2024

29m 48s

Ep. 123: How to Know When to Quit, When to Start Over, and When to Keep Going



In today’s episode, I get a little deeper into a challenge I brought up in last week’s episode – which is how to navigate the choices you need to make when the foundation of the road map you previously created to help you reach a major goal in your life or in your business has fallen apart.  

When your goal hasn’t changed, but the foundation upon which you built your road map is no longer able to support that road map, you need to rebuild a new foundation. You need to adjust the road map. And in this episode, I walk you through several different potential scenarios that could fall into this particular type of challenge, as well as the questions you need to ask yourself and the possibilities you need to consider in order to repair or rebuild the foundation of your road map. 

I equip you with tangible, tactical strategies to empower you to make the best decisions for your specific situation and with your specific goals in mind. Whether you’re in network marketing, a small business owner who provides physical products to your customers, an entrepreneur with a service-based business, or a nine-to-fiver looking to grow a side-hustle so you can leave your full-time job, this episode speaks to the challenges we all face when we’re following a plan to reach a specific goal, but something within that plan changes unexpectedly, forcing us to adapt. 

This episode is all about creating the best road map for YOU, in order to equip you to reach YOUR personal, professional, and entrepreneurial goals. Your goals don’t look like anyone else’s goals, so your road map to reaching those goals isn’t going to look like anyone else’s road map. That’s why you need to know how to build that road map in a way that works best for you. 


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