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Josie Smith

14 May 2024

19m 31s

Ep. 121: Can You Have it All?



Recently I was listening to a podcast interview and the person being interviewed was asked the question... "Do you think it's possible to 'have it all'?"

This woman had built a successful career while navigating the complexities of raising children.

She had gone on to build successful businesses and to help other women build successful businesses.

And her answer to this question was...

"You can have a little bit of all of it...

or you can have all of some of it...

but you can't have all of all of it."

And that's what I talk about in today's episode - what it looks like to have a little bit of all of it or all of some of it... and what happens when we try to have ALL of ALL of it.

As women, and especially as moms, we are still fighting the societal double standards that men and dads don't even have to think about. If we prioritize our families, we risk people thinking that we aren't serious about our careers or our businesses. But if we prioritize our careers or our businesses, we risk being judged for neglecting our families.

But when we buy into the narrative that WE CAN HAVE IT ALL, we risk burning ourselves out trying to actually attain an unattainable reality. There are seasons when we might need to prioritize one thing over another, and there are seasons when we might prefer to have "a little bit of all of it", but we can't expend more time and energy than we have to expend without burning out and risking losing all of it.


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