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Josie Smith

07 May 2024

30m 1s

Ep. 120: Unfilter Yourself!



Today I bring you SEASON TWO of the podcast! A new name, a new energy, a new vibe, a new intention... it's time to Unfilter Yourself!!

In today's first episode of Unfilter Yourself - and a brand new second season of the podcast! - I share about parts of my journey that have led to this new evolution of the podcast. What started out as "The Strong Sassy Single Mom"... then evolved into "Realign with your Purpose"... and has now boldly become "Unfilter Yourself"... because of the journey I've taken over the past two and half years.

I talk today about the importance of releasing the things that are distracting us from truly embracing the next season of our journey, and how many times those distractions are pieces from our past that we simply can't take into our future. I share a very recent realization of a fear and lack mindset around money that I had formed when I was a young single mom over 20 years ago, that had become so ingrained in me that it was STILL controlling some of the habits I had today. And I talk about some of the steps I took very recently to begin the process of reprogramming that mindset so that I can begin to free myself from the things that are still holding me back.

I also touch on some realizations I've come to within the coaching and personal development space around some of the reasons we're told to do things a certain way - when, a lot of times, the ways we're being taught, told, and modeled aren't even the best ways to do things. 

In this new season of the podcast, we're breaking all the rules. We're challenging the status quo and embracing the edgy, quirky, playful bad-a$$es we were designed to be. We're doing business OUR way and we're gonna be completely and unapologetically unfiltered about it!



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