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Josie Smith

18 June 2024

14m 7s

Ep. 125: Don't Fall for Manipulative Marketing!



Coming at you today with a quick bitch sesh! It's been awhile since I've done one of these! And today I am talking about work-life-balance. Or work-life-harmony. Or work-life-integration. Because you can call it whatever the eff you want to call it!

But so many people today in the coaching space and the personal development space would have you think that "work-life-balance" isn't attainable. But they turn around and slap another name on it - they call it "harmony" or "integration" instead - and suddenly it becomes this magical, realistic, attainable vision, and THEY have the secret coaching program that's gonna help you reach it!

And. I mean. WTAF?!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of really good marketers out there masquerading as coaches. They prey on people's fears and struggles and insecurities, and sadly, too many people buy into it, spend a lot of money, and end up getting hurt.

And I'm tired of it.

So in this episode, I give you some things to consider when you're trying to decide whether or not to invest in a coaching relationship. Because there are too many beautiful, caring, competent, in integrity coaches and mentors in this world who CAN help you through whatever it is you're navigating. Who CAN help you achieve the dreams and the visions you want to achieve. Who will support you and guide you and cheer you on. And I want you to surround yourself with THOSE people!


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